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Hi, my name is Ifka.


Thanks for stopping by and spending your time on my website. On my journey as a graphic designer - which I also studied in NYC  - I have also become experienced art director, brand strategist,  web developer and information architect. I enjoy creative and conceptual development across the print, product and web platforms, and I often seek opportunities that will fully utilize my knowledge and skills.

Among my expertise are: Integrated Branding / Brand Identity  / Advertising / Art Direction / Product Design,  Web Design, Print Design / Graphic Design > Adobe Creative Cloud / XHTML + CSS / Dynamic Web: JQuery (libraries) / Dynamic Web: Flash (basic AS3) / PHP (basic) / Wordpress / Final Cut / Quark Xpress / Google Analytics / Google Adwords / SEO Strategies / Google Multivariate A/B

Besides graphics I also love painting, sewing, history & tour guiding, vegan food, extreme sports, traveling, and experiencing all aspects of life :)

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